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Oscar’s Restaurant is the place to be when you are looking for delicious healthy eating! We are the number one choice of health conscious individuals out there who still want to splurge yet do not want to add more pounds to their weight.

Who says eating healthy is boring? Who says there is no flavor into it? Of course, this isn’t true at all. We at Oscar’s make sure that every dish we make is filled with flavors to tickle the customer’s sense of sight, smell, and taste.

Healthy Eating.

Oscar’s has been promoting healthy eating for years now and have been successful with it. We have been in the food business and came up with a menu that covers everything healthy. We do have seafood, veggies and even fruits. This is in line with our mission and advocacy to make our diners eat healthy food.


Who would not love eating fresh fish, shrimp, lobster, and clams? This is perfect for those who are tired of eating frozen food and heating it inside a microwave kind of thing. Our menu has different seafood choices that will make anyone wanting to eat more, and doing more at Oscar’s. Our best sellers are the shrimp kebab, lobster pasta, grilled squid, among others. Every customer, we have who loves seafood can not get enough of our best sellers. Why not try one, too?


Try are all new vegetable pizza. This is great for vegans out there who want to eat healthy pizza. This has been one of our best sellers under the veggie category. Also, our Caesar salad and Greek salad are topping the list. All ingredients in our vegan dishes are hand picked, fresh from the farm. This means they are all organic which is good for the body.


There’s more to eating a fruit through taking a huge bite. At Oscar’s, we take fruits up on a much higher level than before. Gone were the days that are just all you ever have eaten are fresh mixed fruits and that’s here. We do have spiced honeyed apricots, vanilla, roasted peach pie, among others.

Come and dine at Oscar’s Restaurant. We will serve you with delightfully healthy dishes that will make you get full, fall in love with the flavors, and do not add more pounds to your weight. We serve nothing but the best seafood, veggies and fruit recipes. Try us today!